From online shopping to summer sales, how can we NOT buy things that we simply don’t need? It’s so cheap, it’s hard to resist.



Well, when you live in a college dorm, space is an issue and you simply cannot fit all those unnecessary items in the modest closet you will be sharing with your roommate.

Is it possible to maximize that closet space while still being on trend? Absolutely. Here are 5 guidelines to keep in mind before you start your back-to-school shopping.



They never go out of style and they are ALWAYS in season. They’re classic, mix and match easily, and always give that put-together polished look. Especially in the fall when you still have that sun-kissed glow from your last summer getaway, the contrast will be hard to overlook next time you pass by. And you can still wear them in a few weeks when it starts to cool down.

GO FOR: Light greys, beige tones, off-whites, and pastels.

AVOID: Bright colors and patterns. They’re harder to re-wear because they are far more memorable and they are super seasonal and trendy.


TOP + PANTS:  Lulu Lemon  SNEAKERS:  Superga

TOP + PANTS: Lulu Lemon SNEAKERS: Superga


Remember your favorite LBD that you wear to coffee dates, errands, and clubbing? Great, all you need to do is stock up on items like this. You can wear them to a wide range of occasions, day or night you will always look on point.

GO FOR: The right fabrics. Look for wool, stretchy, flowy fabrics that you can feel comfortable in while still looking fab.

AVOID: T-shirt fabrics. They tend to be harder to dress up and they don’t last long since they shrink easily in the dryer.


DRESS: All Saints

DRESS: All Saints

3.     BLACK & WHITE

They go with everything. Together or separate they will allow you to achieve that effortlessly sharp vibe. And the best part is – you can keep wearing them and no one will notice.

GO FOR: The perfect black pair of denim, with no rips. You can keep wearing them over and over again no matter the temperature outside. Look for the perfect white tee to go with it. Finish off the always in style look with a pair of all-white sneaks.

AVOID: Patterns. B&W solids, stripes, and polka dots are great. But a patterned skirt or graphic tee is hard to forget. You can own one or two, but don’t turn your whole wardrobe into them.


BLACK JEANS:  Madewell  TOP:  J.Crew  DENIM JACKET:  Levi's  SNEAKERS:  Superga


4.     DENIM

The section that has taken over our wardrobe, and for good reason. In any shape and style, it always looks cool and trendy.

GO FOR: The ultimate denim jacket. It will go with your black jeans, flirty skirt, and going-out dress. You can wear it during the day to class or for a night out on heels.

AVOID: A cropped denim jacket. It’s not as diverse, too trendy, and will not do its job a few weeks into the term once the weather cools down.


DENIM JACKET:  Brandy Melville  BANDANA:  Madewell  

DENIM JACKET: Brandy Melville BANDANA: Madewell 


The deal breaker. They can make or break the outfit, but the great thing is that you can wear the exact same outfit with different accessories and it will seem as if you are sporting a whole new look. From statement necklaces to bandanas, the options are endless and they take far less space than clothing items.

GO FOR: Sophisticated choker (yes I am still a fan as long as it is not plastic), statement necklace, a fun scarf that you can tie and throw on in different ways, a hairpiece you are currently obsessed with, and a silk scarf or a bandana you can tie around your neck or your head.

AVOID: Too many purses, bags, and backpacks. You need one black crossbody purse to wear out, one day purse for errands, and your backpack. The rest is extra and takes up space.


BANDANA:  Madewell  TOP:  Brandy Melville  DRESS:  Aritzia

BANDANA: Madewell TOP: Brandy Melville DRESS: Aritzia

So before you click “Add to cart”, think about the different ways you could wear that item. If you can’t think of three different looks it can work with, or it doesn’t answer at least one of these key guidelines – I suggest – pass.

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As we approach the sparkly New Year, I began to think of my resolutions for 2018. Of course, there are the perpetual ones that keep sneaking in each year (exercising more, reading more, etc.) that all seem to have the common long-term benefits for one's health, happiness, and self. It makes sense that all these long-term investments keep intuitively reappearing on the list every year. But what about the others? The ones that you want to set for yourself now, in just a few days? Are they short-term investments? Are you setting them now because you want to achieve them soon? Or by this time next year?

A photo from 2017 New Year's Eve celebration at my home in Herzliya, Israel

A photo from 2017 New Year's Eve celebration at my home in Herzliya, Israel

If you know me at all, you know I am a big fan of efficiency and maximization, so as my mind kept wandering, I thought to myself, “How do I ensure a higher success rate for my new goals?” We all know how this story ends. We finish our last final exam or paper, and we are off for winter break. We sleep. We eat. We have time for ourselves. And we think. Before we know it, sequins and metallics are surrounding us, from the racks and shelves at the nearest store, to the latest emoji, to the icing on the holiday cookies at our favorite coffee shop. As society expects of us, we take the lovely opportunity that the New Year has to offer and we set our new goals.

Most of us, however, or maybe just I, tend to forget one important thing. We are in a comfortable time-off environment, far from our everyday hectic college lives. The main difference - we are well rested. Thus, the goals we tend to set are simply unrealistic, to match nicely our overachieving personalities. Odds are, these goals are pretty hard to meet when you have two problem sets, a paper, and an extracurricular deadline due, and not to mention you have been running on four hours of sleep every night for the past week.

After these realizations, I decided that instead of jumping straight to setting my new goals, I want to reflect on this past quarter, learn from my experiences, the good and the bad, and then set my New Year’s resolutions in a more thoughtful manner. After all, this past quarter of my sophomore year at Stanford is a free resource, and I’d be foolish not to take advantage of it and everything I've learned from my time on campus up until now. I know one thing for sure: I want to ensure a higher ROI for my new short(er)-term investments.

Here are the five main conclusions that I came to while doing this process:

1. Be Realistic.

“The sky is the limit” is a great metaphor, but it’s a metaphor. You can’t do it all - and that is totally 1000% fine. No one expects you to, and neither should you. You can definitely reach for the sky, and you should. But don’t expect to get there in one single breath. Maybe set a baby step goal that will get you one step closer to walking?

2. Prioritize.

Before jumping into prioritizing your goals, figure out what your general priorities are. Your goals will naturally align with your priorities.

3. Motivation Alignment.

Priorities are useful, but not nearly as much as when they are aligned with your motivations. Dig a bit deeper and figure out what motivates you. Motivation alignment combined with prioritization will keep you focused and will ensure a higher success rate.

4. Be Specific.

Sometimes the hardest thing with completing a task is that it is too broad. We get overwhelmed because we don’t know where to start or how to tackle it, and we certainly don’t have disposable time on our hands to think about it. Putting it on hold sounds like the obvious temporary solution that, more often than not, turns into a permanent one. But there’s a simple way to avoid sweeping it under the rug- have a plan. Having an approximate deadline and some subgoals may seem like an unnecessary overkill, but from my experience, they actually work. Trust me, I learned the hard way.

5. Cut Yourself Some Slack.

We may play by the rules, and do everything as we planned, but a year from now we may not achieve our goals. Disappointment and frustration are usually the feelings that will tend to take over.  But before you let that happen, remember: that’s life. We plan life until life happens. Or as the proper phrase goes: “We plan life and God laughs.” We can only plan according to what we know, what we can predict. But most things are unpredictable. Adapting and pivoting is the only way to succeed and be happy. Dwelling on the change means wasting time, but figuring out next steps means moving forward. Choose to make the unknown your friend rather than your enemy. It’s what makes life exciting and spices up our routine. So, even if a year from now you are not where you thought you’d be according to your plan, cut yourself some slack: it doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong. It just means you are doing something right.

2018 - we got this. Happy New Year!